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Why was Fiscal Futures created?

As a partnership business in the pet trade, with over 20 years of combined experience, we wanted to create unique complete dry foods which ‘ticked all the boxes’. From healthy nutritious hypo-allergenic recipes with a holistic approach, to outstanding packaging and good value in the market, Futures foods were created as an ultimate package. We are an independent company not governed by corporation profit targets so we are able to put animal well-being at the forefront of our campaign at all times.

Where are the products made and sourced?

Futures products are made right here in the UK where the meats and fish are reared to welfare standards. 

What is the purpose of the atom on the packaging?

This is a Carbon atom (Carbon 12). There are millions upon millions upon millions of these atoms in every living thing. It has 6 protons (blue), 6 neutrons (red) and 6 electrons (yellow) accounting for nearly 99% of all carbon. It is stable because the number of electrons equals the number of protons and therefore it is balanced and safe. However, Free radicals in the body (where the protons and electrons do not equal in number) are dangerous and may possibly lead to health problems. Free radicals can be neutralised by antioxidants which give up spare electrons to balance and stabilise them.

Can Futures be used as an alternative to Veterinary prescription diets®?

Many dog and cat owners have turned to Futures as an alternative to achieve the same goal within the characteristics of the prescription foods i.e. low protein or low phosphorus, high fibre, hypo-allergenic etc. However, in extreme cases, outside these parameters, Futures may not be suitable.

Why ‘Natural Option’?

No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It is the option to feed a natural food.

Where do the Antioxidants come from?

The powerful antioxidants in Futures foods are sourced from Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract and Dried Cranberry.

Why those flavours?

The flavours have been chosen to cover a wide variation for palatability and/or tolerance.

How is Futures hypo-allergenic?

Futures foods contain no known allergy causing ingredients like wheat gluten or dairy products which means that dogs or cats with allergies to these can be fed on this hypo-allergenic food. The sensitive formulation can be used for delicate stomachs.
Wheat gluten ingestion could cause itchy skin and stomach upset and should be avoided in all cases. A wheat gluten free diet can reverse symptoms to the allergy within a few days.

What about intolerance?

Futures Foods have been developed using ingredients that are highly unlikely to be intolerable to any dog or cat.

How is Futures holistic?

Holism by definition is the theory that whole entities, as fundamental components of reality, have an existence other than as the mere sum of their parts. (Ref., LLC.)
Futures Foods has been designed, developed, manufactured, packaged, and marketed with well-being at the forefront at all times.

Why those ingredients?

All ingredients were chosen for their beneficial properties towards a dog or cats well-being.

Why the shapes and sizes of the kibble?

The adult dog food kibble has a universal size which was chosen to accommodate all sized breeds with a round shape to make chewing easier for varying breed sizes.
The puppy kibble has the same principles but is smaller and flatter to accommodate the sizes of puppies and adult small breeds. The cat food is flat and round with a hole in the middle to increase the surface area for taste and texture.

Is grape seed extract poisonous to dogs?

It must be stressed that grapes are poisonous to dogs in certain quantities; however the use of grapseed extract as a source of antioxidant is not.

Is potato poisonous to dogs?

White skinless potato flakes are not poisonous to dogs when cooked (no oxalates), in fact they are a very good source of carbohydrate and an alternative for dogs which may be intolerant of rice.

Is garlic poisonous to dogs?

Only large volumes or continued significant levels shall cause any concern regarding the total level of consumption of thiosulphates. Futures products contain less than 0.1% garlic and are therefore not considered to be detrimental. On the contrary, garlic is used for its renowned medicinal properties and health benefits. Dogs are not known to have a garlic aroma after being fed Futures long term.

Why the joint pack?

Futures foods have an added joint pack to the recipe which contains Glucosamine, Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane (MSM) and Chondroitin at a maintenance level to help assist joint mobility throughout life. Other joint mobility products can be used in conjunction with the food as any excess to requirement is discarded by the body.

Can supplements be used?

Yes, supplements can be used in conjunction with Futures but are not necessary unless they are used for specific ailments. Futures foods are complete and therefore does not require any additional supplements.

Can wet food be used in conjunction with Futures?

It is not recommended that wet food is added to Futures Foods as this can make a dog or cat fussy and alter the balanced diet which Futures creates. Wet food may also contain ingredients which would be considered undesirable within Futures holistic approach.

What is composition and analytical constituents?

Composition used to be referred to as Ingredients.
Analytical constituents used to be referred to as Analysis.

What does the term ‘Meal’ refer to on the compositions?

This is simply ground carcass to produce a source of highly digestible proteins.
No offal or undesirable additions.

What is ‘Crude Ash’?

This is the mineral content that remains once all other components have been removed.

What is advanced formula?

Futures is regarded as an advanced formula due to its comprehensive ingredients list which outnumbers most other brands and that every ingredient has been chosen for its beneficial properties towards a dog or cats health and not over cost for example.

How many times a day to feed?

Adult dogs and cats should be fed twice per day.
Puppies can be fed up to 4 times per day, reducing to twice a day as the dog reaches adult size.
Larger breeds should be kept on puppy food longer than medium breeds, however small breeds can be kept on puppy food consistently throughout adulthood.
Futures Dog Food slowly expands by approximately 400% when in contact with liquid or in the stomach.
The low feeding volume and high expansion compensates each other to satisfy a dog’s appetite whilst providing all the nutritional requirements. Water can be added to the food prior to feeding for dogs which gulp their food or where chewing is problematic. Adding water should be avoided if possible to stimulate the chewing action to help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

What happens if a dog eats too much in one go?

Dogs which are fed only once per day or one which eats too much in error can find the expansion of the food too much for the size of their stomach and as with all dry foods, this may cause regurgitation. Also high volumes can also cause a lack of digestion and can lead to loose bowel movements.

What about seniors?

Futures adult foods are suitable for all ages including seniors. Feeding rates may have to be adjusted in accordance with their metabolism as they get older. High quality low protein levels allow Futures to be used consistently throughout the senior years of life.

Why does Futures seem to calm dogs down?

Low protein and no artificial ingredients can reflect an appearance of a calmer or normal dog.
If undesirable or artificial ingredients are used, this can create hyper-activity. However, a high quality carbohydrate source can slowly release energy even for the most active of dogs.

Can Futures cure bad breath?

Bad breath can be caused by impurities in the saliva which promotes plaque and poor mouth hygiene.
Futures is of very high quality and improvements may be seen in individual cases depending on the quality of the previous diet.

Can Futures cure the doggy smell?

The aroma from a dog can be related to the food in which it eats. Futures high quality ingredients may reflect a reduction in aroma in individual cases depending on the quality of the previous diet.

Can Futures reduce faecal volume?

The low feeding amounts and highly digestible ingredients can reflect reduced faecal matter than that of lower quality, higher feeding rated foods. This may also help to lower levels of flatulence.

Is it safe for cats to eat Futures Dog Food?

Some cats may seem to enjoy the taste of Futures Dog Food. In one off cases where a cat has accidentally been given the opportunity to eat the dog’s food, there is no long term threat to the cat’s health regarding ingestion of a small amount of Futures Dog Food. However, it should be stressed that Futures Dog food is not suitable for cats.

Is it safe for dogs to eat Futures Cat Food?

Most dogs will try to eat Futures Cat Food if the opportunity arises due to the appealing smell and taste of increased protein and oils which complete dry cat foods must have. In one off cases where a dog has accidentally been given the opportunity to eat the cat’s food, there is no long term threat to the dog’s health regarding ingestion of a small amount of Futures Cat Food but Loose bowel movements may result in the short term. However, it should be stressed that Futures Cat food is not suitable for dogs.

How long does a 15Kg Dog Food sack last and how much cost is involved?

For an average 18Kg dog, feeding 220g per day, a 15Kg sack should last on average 68 days. At this rate with a MRSP of £42.99, cost is calculated at 0.63p per day.

For an average 3Kg cat, feeding 47.5g per day, a 2.5Kg bag should last on average 52 days. At this rate with a MRSP of £19.99, cost is calculated at 0.38p per day.

Is Futures economical and how does it compare to other brands?

Yes, for the quality of Futures and therefore the recommended feeding amounts, cost per day can be lower than that of other premium, super premium and ultra premium brands. A comprehensive and healthy recipe with professional packaging and realistic pricing allows Futures to take advantage of an ‘all in one’ approach.

Are Futures paper sacks recyclable?

Yes, with exception of a thin oil barrier film in all 15Kg sacks, 3Kg bags are not affected by this.
Futures Radicals and Futures Cat Food packaging is 100% plastic.