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Price Rise

Dear Customer,

Unfortunately the time has come for a revision of our price list!

Until now we have managed to absorb increases in manufacturing costs since 2013 however we have now got to a point where our prices must increase for us to continue forward.

As you are probably aware most brands have increased their price points and this is largely due to common factors of raw materials and manufacturing costs which affect us all. The variation of costs have differed so much that we have had to stagger our MRSP prices across the range opposed to the uniformity we were able to adhere to previously. Some lines have gone up considerably and we have tried to keep them to a proportion to allow the Futures brand to continue to offer a similar cost of affordability within the range. We are going to continue with 15Kg bags rather than reducing the weight and increasing the price as this is considered by us to be a detrimental double blow to you the consumer.

We would like to thank you for your support of the Futures brand and we feel that our products still offer value for money for the quality of food whilst providing your dog with one of the most comprehensive ingredients lists known to us.

We wish you all the best and we hope that Futures can continue support you a your dog for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Kind regards,

The Futures Team.

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