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Futures super premium dog foods have been developed here in West Dorset with open and honest recipes which have full clarity with regards to their ingredients.

All Futures complete dry foods are hypo-allergenic due to natural recipes which are free from known allergens like wheat gluten, soya and dairy products.
With careful selection of ingredients to avoid those which are known to cause allergies, Futures foods have been designed with a holistic approach for even the most sensitive of stomachs.

With over 20 years of combined experience in the pet food industry, here at Futures we have developed new innovative and all natural recipes after we had found that many other complete foods contain undesirable ingredients, which may be detrimental to health or behaviour.

These detriments can range from hyper activity or lack of concentration to overheating or itchy skin through to complete intolerance and sickness.

Avoiding those words such as animal derivatives, and other loosely worded terms for ingredients, our foods also do NOT contain any artificial colours, preservatives or flavours.

Every ingredient used in our foods has been chosen for their beneficial properties towards health and wellbeing.

With overheads kept as low as possible and no compromises made towards the quality of our food, we are producing complete foods, which are affordable in today’s economic climate yet considered by us as one of the best combinations of ingredients and processing procedures known to us.